What to Do When Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Work For You

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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in Beverly Hills. Bleaching offers an effective solution for yellowed teeth, however, there are some instances where it doesn’t work. Teeth whitening may not be right for you if you have severe stains or damaged teeth. Not to worry, there are alternatives to give you the bright smile you deserve! Porcelain veneers are a foolproof way for getting a whiter, more beautiful smile that lasts. Why Porcelain Veneers Work Professional whitening works best on stains that reside on the surface of your tooth’s enamel. These types of stains are caused by food, beverage, or the use of tobacco products. Bleaching cannot correct discoloration due to a weakened enamel, decay, and trauma. That’s where porcelain veneers come in. Porcelain veneers are able to fix: Cracked, damaged, or broken teeth Uneven or crooked teeth Awkward and unwanted gaps between teeth Overall tooth size […]

Teeth Bleaching vs. UV Whitening Treatments

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Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective and non-invasive ways of improving your smile. It is the cosmetic dental procedure with the least amount of risk and has seen a significant influx in popularity over the last decade. People favor professional whitening, such as teeth bleaching and laser whitening, to at over the counter whitening options as it is less abrasive. Professional whitening ensures no damage is done to your enamel while removing surface stains and discoloration. While there are many options for whitening your teeth, the methods most frequently used in modern dentistry are bleaching and laser whitening. Although both methods offer affordable and effective solutions for yellowed teeth, there are some disadvantages to each. UV Whitening Laser whitening treatments like Zoom whitening are effective at delivering a whiter smile almost instantaneously. While the thought of rapidly whitened teeth may seem appealing, there are some issues with […]

The Best Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills

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Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures in Beverly Hills. Whiter teeth can make you look years younger, improve your confidence, and reinvent your overall look. While there are many remedies for yellow teeth, visiting a cosmetic dentist is the safest and most effective option for a whiter smile. What Can Teeth Whitening Do? A professional bleaching can improve your smile by reversing discoloration caused by: Aging Wearing away of the enamel Nerve damage Root deterioration Excessive fluoride exposure Colored foods and beverages Use of tobacco products Medications How Does it Work? Professional teeth whitening works by improving tooth color through the use of heat or light activated natural elements. The whitening process is completed in as little as two visits to your aesthetic dentist. In the first visit, molds are made of your teeth so Dr Raanan can craft custom trays for your teeth. During your second visit, you will […]

Beverly Hills Dentistry for the Whole Family

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Maintaining your own oral health can be a difficult task. When you have a family, finding the time to visit the dentist can be even harder. With the hustle and bustle of daily life in Beverly Hills, it is important to find a dentist who can treat both your needs as well as those of your entire family. The office of Dr Rodney Raanan provides a comfortable space for you and your children to receive quality dental care. Routine Cleanings and Prevention: We oftentimes neglect to give our teeth a proper cleaning. Routine cleanings and preventative services should be scheduled every six months for optimal oral health. Scheduling cleanings for the whole family at one time can keep everyone on top of their dental routine, and have the whole family smiling. Invisalign: It’s no secret that most children hate braces. Rather than visiting an orthodontist, bring your children to Dr Rodney […]

10 Tips for a Whiter Smile

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A whiter smile is one of the most simple and coveted cosmetic improvements in Beverly Hills. While every tooth is subject to discoloration over time, there are many tips and tricks to prevent your teeth from yellowing. The most efficient way to whiter teeth involves visiting your cosmetic dentist for bi-annual cleanings and whitening treatments. 10 Tips to Whiten Your Smile: Use a non-alcoholic mouthwash before brushing to remove any particles. It is best to steer clear of colored mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinium chloride as it may actually discolor your teeth. Use a whitening toothpaste that does not contain abrasive particles. These particles wear down your enamel which in turn makes your teeth appear more yellow. It’s best to opt for a toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth or contains enamel protection as they are less abrasive. Use an oscillating electric toothbrush. These types of rotating toothbrushes are more efficient with plaque and stain removal, and are proven to […]