Smoking and Your Oral Health

  • Smoking and your oral health with dr rodney raanan best dentist in beverly hills

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your overall health. Studies show that people who smoke are four times more likely to develop dental health problems. Smoking not only puts your overall health at risk, it also ruins the appearance of your teeth and gums. Tobacco products are notorious for weakening your gums and yellowing your teeth. Other side effects include horrible breath, excessive plaque buildup, a delay in oral healing, and increased dental sensitivity. If you are a tobacco user, it is important for you to know the risks and implications your addiction has on your oral health. How Cigarettes Affect Your Oral Health: Studies show that people who use cigarettes are more prone to develop issues such as: Gum Disease Yellow Teeth Oral Cancer Leukoplakia Jaw Bone Loss Inflamed Oral Glands Increase in Plaque and Tartar build up Put the Pack Down: While cosmetic dentistry procedures […]