Implant Dentistry: Endosteal vs Subperiosteal Implants

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Dental implantsĀ are an effective way of restoring function and form to your smile. Missing or severely damaged teeth are replaced through implant dentistry with the placement of an artificial root and tooth. This method is effective as the artificial root provides a strong foundation for the composite tooth. When considering dental implants in the Beverly Hills area, there are two options for your consideration: endosteal or subperiosteal. Endosteal Implants Endosteal, or root form implants, are placed and fused directly into your jawbone. The procedure requires your restorative dentistĀ to make an incision in your gum to expose your jawbone. He will then drill into your jawbone and insert the artificial root into it, fusing it to the bone. Your gums will then be given time to heal and secure the implant into place. On your second visit, your dentist will attach a post and artificial tooth to the implant, finishing the […]