A Glossary of Cosmetic Dental Terms

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Dental terms can get a little confusing. We’ve comprised a glossary of terms for you to review before visiting your cosmetic dentistĀ for dental work (or to reference in case you have no clue what he’s talking about). Popular Terms Used by Cosmetic Dentists Amalgam: a silver or mercury based alloy (blend of metals) predominantly used to fill cavities in your teeth. Bleaching: the process of whitening your teeth for aesthetic purposes using peroxide. Cariogenic: used to describe something that causes tooth decay. Cavities: a hole in your tooth primarily caused by plaque buildup. Composites: tooth-colored materials used to restore tooth structure and shape. Cosmetic Dentistry: a form of dentistry used to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Edentulous: missing the majority of your natural teeth. General Dentistry: a fundamental form of dentistry that diagnoses, treats, and maintains basic oral health. Gingivitis: a disease that causes an inflammation of your gums. […]