How to Maintain Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy presents a series of changes in the female body. While you await the arrival of your bundle of joy, it is important to pay attention to your oral health. The fluctuation of hormone levels during pregnancy can cause several dental issues and impact your healthy mouth. This article explores the potential issues you may encounter during pregnancy and offers solutions on how to resolve them. Pregnancy Gingivitis: A significant share of expectant mothers experience swollen, sore, or bleeding gums. Gums are more susceptible to bacterial infection from plaque buildup during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. Your first defense against pregnancy gingivitis is maintaining a clean mouth. It is especially important to remember to brush and floss on a daily basis while pregnant. Scheduling a professional dental cleaning from a dentist is strongly recommended during pregnancy. Having your teeth professionally cleaned and given preventative treatment significantly reduces your chances of developing […]