Are Dental Implants Right for You?

  • Dental Implants in Beverly Hills 90210 by best cosmetic dentist Dr Raanan

If you are missing one or more of your teeth you have several options for reconstructing your smile. Rather than settling for dentures, you can opt for a more permanent solution like dental implants. Dental implants help rebuild a confident and natural-looking smile. They¬†stabilize teeth allowing for a restoration of oral function. Implants even have the ability to improve and enhance facial appearance as they strengthen your gums and jaw. What is Implant Dentistry? Implant dentistry replaces missing roots to strengthen and support synthetic teeth. Artificial roots are made of titanium metal and are surgically placed into your jawbone. A prosthetic tooth is then attached to the implant. The process restores functionality and improves overall appearance. Who Performs This Procedure? Dental implants should be placed by an experienced periodontist. Dr Raanan partners with a top local periodontist for this portion of the procedure. A skilled prosthodontist, like Dr Rodney Raanan,¬†then […]

Reclaim Your Youth With Cosmetic Dentistry

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Beverly Hills is a fountain of youth with endless options for cosmetic procedures that take years off your appearance. While people target skin and wrinkles to achieve a younger look, they oftentimes forget that our smiles age too. Cosmetic dentistry can have you looking and feeling years younger in as little as two visits. The Tell-tale Signs of Oral Aging: Discoloration: Over the years, continual consumption of colored foods, beverages like coffee and wine, and cigarettes and tobacco products can darken and stain your teeth and give you an aged appearance. Worn Away Teeth: With time, tooth enamel erodes to reveal the darker layer of dentin underneath. The length of our teeth also reduces with age and everyday use. Shorter, worn down teeth give off an impression of old age. Missing Teeth: Ageing also often involves losing teeth. Many seniors face this issue and loss functionality while putting an age […]