Reduce Wrinkles with Cosmetic Dentistry

In the wonderful world of Beverly Hills, aging is more of a choice than an inevitability. With countless cosmetic procedures available within the area, guessing someone’s age can be a rather difficult task. While injections like Botox or Juvederm have been the popular choice for improving the look of your skin, there are other options. Rather than receiving routine injections, you can solve the root of your wrinkles with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can make you look younger while also improving your smile and overall look. Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are truly the answer to every cosmetic dental issue, however, they also have a great impact on your face’s appearance. We’ve already addressed how veneers can make your lips look fuller (which gives a more youthful appearance). Veneers can also help rid your face of wrinkles. A cosmetic dentist will transform your mouth with veneers while also paying close attention to […]

Implant Dentistry: Endosteal vs Subperiosteal Implants

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Dental implants are an effective way of restoring function and form to your smile. Missing or severely damaged teeth are replaced through implant dentistry with the placement of an artificial root and tooth. This method is effective as the artificial root provides a strong foundation for the composite tooth. When considering dental implants in the Beverly Hills area, there are two options for your consideration: endosteal or subperiosteal. Endosteal Implants Endosteal, or root form implants, are placed and fused directly into your jawbone. The procedure requires your restorative dentist to make an incision in your gum to expose your jawbone. He will then drill into your jawbone and insert the artificial root into it, fusing it to the bone. Your gums will then be given time to heal and secure the implant into place. On your second visit, your dentist will attach a post and artificial tooth to the implant, finishing the […]

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

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Our bodies, and mouths, function best when we maintain balanced pH levels. If you’re unfamiliar with the definition of alkaline, it’s essentially the opposite of acidic. Substances that are alkaline have higher pH levels than things that are acidic. The idea that alkaline water may be beneficial for overall health has gained much traction over the past decade. Like most health claims, this has even extended into the world of oral health. So can your teeth benefit from alkaline water? This article will explore the claims and whether or not they are true. Alkaline Water Can Help Reverse Enamel Wear Acidic beverages are one of the leading causes for a worn away enamel. Anything that’s low on the pH scale will cause your enamel to wear away quicker. This means anything that’s sugary like pop, energy drinks, fruit-flavored juice, or beer and liquor. Alkaline water is not acidic and does not […]

Five Reasons You’ll Love Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry and twilight anesthesia are quite common in cosmetic dentistry. It assists in easing the anxiety some patients experience when undergoing dental work. There are many options for sedation that range in levels of sedation. These include anesthesia, laughing gas, and pill-form sedation. While it’s widely understood that sedatives help reduce dentophobia, there are some other reasons why you may love sedation dentistry. Our five favorite reasons for choosing sedation dentistry are: Face Your Fears It’s common knowledge that many children fear visiting the dentist, however, a significant portion retains that fear in adulthood. Technologies in sedation dentistry allow you to face those fears. Whether you have high anxiety or have had a negative experience, sedatives will help calm you and prepare you for the dental work ahead. You may have put off work you really needed done because of your fear. No longer should anyone have to skip another visit […]

Technological Advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry

The industry of aesthetic dentistry is constantly evolving to provide its patients with state of the art dental care. At Rifkin & Raanan, we use only the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology to get your smile looking its best. This article will cover the advanced methods and machinery we use to ensure you feel comfortable and beautiful. Cone Beam CT: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a dental imaging method that uses many x-ray produced cross sections to form a three-dimensional image. This technology is used in implant dentistry, endodontic procedures, oral surgeries, and orthodontics. During a cone beam scan, the scanner rotates around the patient’s head for a complete view of the teeth and jaw. CEREC CAD/CAM Technology: CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology is used in many aspects of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. This technology is used in the construction of porcelain crowns, inlays and […]

What to Do When Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Work For You

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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in Beverly Hills. Bleaching offers an effective solution for yellowed teeth, however, there are some instances where it doesn’t work. Teeth whitening may not be right for you if you have severe stains or damaged teeth. Not to worry, there are alternatives to give you the bright smile you deserve! Porcelain veneers are a foolproof way for getting a whiter, more beautiful smile that lasts. Why Porcelain Veneers Work Professional whitening works best on stains that reside on the surface of your tooth’s enamel. These types of stains are caused by food, beverage, or the use of tobacco products. Bleaching cannot correct discoloration due to a weakened enamel, decay, and trauma. That’s where porcelain veneers come in. Porcelain veneers are able to fix: Cracked, damaged, or broken teeth Uneven or crooked teeth Awkward and unwanted gaps between teeth Overall tooth size […]

How Electronic Cigarettes Can Damage Your Oral Health

Quitting smoking is a very difficult task. One of the most popular methods of “quitting” is through the use of an electronic cigarette. This alternative to smoking claims to be healthier than cigarettes, and smokers everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon. While e-cigarettes help eliminate some of the undesirable effects of smoking (like the unpleasant smell and yellowed teeth), they can have severe implications on your overall oral health. The Effects of Nicotine on Your Oral Health Electronic cigarettes have far fewer regulations on them than their predecessors. They offer up a water vapor based alternative to tobacco, however, they, like cigarettes, contain a dangerous amount of nicotine. Nicotine is known to cause oral issues like: tooth decay gum disease periodontal disease tooth loss dryness of the mouth Continual use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) can have similar effects to cigarettes. The consumption of nicotine, in any form, can have horrible implications […]

A Glossary of Cosmetic Dental Terms

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Dental terms can get a little confusing. We’ve comprised a glossary of terms for you to review before visiting your cosmetic dentist for dental work (or to reference in case you have no clue what he’s talking about). Popular Terms Used by Cosmetic Dentists Amalgam: a silver or mercury based alloy (blend of metals) predominantly used to fill cavities in your teeth. Bleaching: the process of whitening your teeth for aesthetic purposes using peroxide. Cariogenic: used to describe something that causes tooth decay. Cavities: a hole in your tooth primarily caused by plaque buildup. Composites: tooth-colored materials used to restore tooth structure and shape. Cosmetic Dentistry: a form of dentistry used to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Edentulous: missing the majority of your natural teeth. General Dentistry: a fundamental form of dentistry that diagnoses, treats, and maintains basic oral health. Gingivitis: a disease that causes an inflammation of your gums. […]

Five Reasons Why Cosmetic Dentistry is Worthwhile

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While the words “cosmetic” and “aesthetic” may have connotations that are synonymous with vanity, the art of cosmetic dentistry extends far further than the look of your smile. Unlike most cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentistry enhances more than just your appearance, it also enhances your quality of life. Cosmetic dentists in the Beverly Hills area are masters of restoring function and form to your teeth as well as beauty. Here are five reasons why you should invest in cosmetic dentistry. 1) Regain Confidence Revitalizing your smile can not only have your exterior looking better, it can have you feeling better as well. Far too many Americans are afraid to smile because of dental issues. A less than lovely mouth can have you hiding who you truly are and can give off a negative impression. One of the most common responses we hear about our cosmetic procedures is that they gave our […]

Should You Use Invisalign or Porcelain Veneers?

Whether you’ve had braces yourself or watched friends endure the lengthy process, you’re probably familiar with orthodontics. You’re more than likely familiar with train track braces, various colored elastic bands, retainers, and even dreaded headgear. If your teeth need straightening, you may be hesitant to commit to orthodontic hardware in your adult years. Luckily, there are several options available that efficiently correct misalignment without the overly complicated gear. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have allowed for effective solutions to orthodontic issues. The most popular modern alternatives are Invisalign or porcelain veneers. Invisalign Much like braces, Invisalign aligns teeth over time. It is a clear and discrete customized retainer that is removable so it doesn’t impede on your oral hygiene routine. Invisalign is an easy alternative to braces as it does not require the use of cumbersome metal and is not bonded to your teeth. You are free to eat whatever you […]